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Fancy lady looking for someone to take her to the dance.

Wanted to draw something new yesterday afternoon but had no inspiration so Luffsas threw “dragonbutterfly” at me and then I of course managed to turn that idea completely on its head, so here have a lizardcaterpillarmonster…thing.
Didn’t finish sketching in the limbs properly because derp lazy. I do kinda wanna paint this because I actually really really like the design and anatomy and all of the everything which makes a nice change because usually I just hate everything I draw.

Thought I’d upload the sketch of this since it’s taking forever to do *cough*mostlybecauseI’mprocrastinatingawholefuckington*cough*

My half of a trade with Ekarus that I should have finished a year ago but then a lot of life stuff intervened so yeah. A partial WIP of the female dragon can be seen farther down in my blog from about April 2013, complete with way too many scales, yay! I’m actually quite liking how it’s turning out now, getting better at more realistic rendering and everything :3

Sketch of another piece I just this second finished but not actually gonna upload yet because derp backlog lazy.
Sketched back in the summer of 2013 hahh, I’m not usually a fan of pokermens beyond 1st gen but Luffsas wanted Banette so have a Banette! \o/ Also this took so long to finish because like I moved away and stuff and had no computer woops.
Completed version:

Sketch of something I just finished but like, I don’t like the lighting atm so will just leave it for a day or two and then try and tweak it so it looks decent and then procrastinate on uploading it for another month like the other 4 completed pieces I have lying about unposted woops.
Completed version:

Shitty Zaak and Cale sketches :D
Obligatory headworld babble time: Ok, so they’re both 7th Era saels (species that happened when my bipedal Veyan desert dragons decided to take on a more humanoid route of evolution herpderp). Zaak’s been in my head for…maybe about a year? 2 years? No fucking idea the last 2 years have just kinda merged together lol. Originally he was gonna be a side character for AoV, but then I fell in love with him so story stuff happened. Here he’s still a young adult back when he was an antisocial depressed asshole who hated everyone. He grew up in one of the cities I still don’t have a name for, was passed from foster home to foster home because no parents, ended up finding himself in a hostel when he was too old for fostering and then just got kicked out into the world where he found himself holding down a shitty job to pay for his shitthole apartment. He hates his life and ends up having a nervous breakdown where he puts a gun to his head, but then Cale (right) gets to him, talks him out of it, and she just happens to have contacts in Staeron (the city where the AoV prequel novel takes place, where Kaya grows up) so with some effort manages to get Zaak on an airship to take him to Staeron’s First District working undercover for Elden (because that asshole has his tendrils extended everywhere in that city). So Zaak goes there, gets a new life, an actual decent life despite being an undercover lackey (which only rarely comes into play). Eventually the events of the AoV prequel novel come into play, he meets Kaya who is also working for Elden at the time, shit happens, then years later when Staeron falls he manages to catch a ship away from the ruined city up to Project E.D.E.N (working title) where he finds work as a surveillance officer and that’s when he’s older and not depressed and he still hates most people but now he’s just a crazy loon who doesn’t really give two fucks what people think of him and he’s just w/e. And then AoV happens and Kaya bumps into him again and they’re both older and like huuuh wtf are you doing here lol.
As for Cale, she’s an antisocial neutrois sael (referring to her by her biological gender so people don’t get confused although I’ve probably already confused you with “neutrois”, idk google it) who again hates everyone, but unlike Zaak she likes to take her hate and anger actively out on the world, namely by trashing and burning things. Her parents gave her up as a baby for some reason so she had a similar life as Zaak, they met in one of the foster homes they happened to share one time and became best friends since, like they don’t actually have friends apart from each other lol. I still haven’t worked out how she gets contacts under Elden, probably through a friend of a friend of a “friend”. I’m not quite sure what happens to her after Zaak leaves for Staeron, but she does chill out and calm down a little before that, mostly just to stop herself from getting into trouble. I mostly created her because Zaak needed a friend to stop him from killing himself and I already had a rough idea of her so decided to put two and two together….And that’s pretty much it for now.

Tl;dr - Antisocial lizard people I can’t draw but tried to draw anyway back in December some time. I should really summarise this shit.

Replies to a bunch of old comments on here because I’ve been inactive for so long so now I’ma just spam everyone’s dash

- cronasanctuary reblogged your photo: Decided to give Crea a “winged form” since she’s a…

I don’t know if I have told you but I am in love with Crea. ohmygosh.
Heee, thankyou c:

- poobrain reblogged your photo: SHITTILY DRAWN EYEBALL CREATURES, FUCK YEAH…

THAT’S GOOD BECAUSE IT NEEDS HUGS TO SURVIVE like seriously it actually feeds off hugs and it’ll die without love /shot

- mister-luke reblogged your photo: File name: “ermehgerd” Uhm, yeah, figured I’d…

Whoa, this is pretty epic, and dat mouth. O:
Thankyou C: Lol who needs conventional jaw structures.

- ateyourabacus replied to your photo: File name: “ermehgerd” Uhm, yeah, figured I’d…

Oh my, it’s beautiful :D Love your critters!
Ahh thankyou, I’m glad you like it! C:

- mister-luke reblogged your photo: Ok, so here’s a bunch of stuff from a semi-serious…

Wow, these guys look amazing. XD Very creative aliens here! I really should practice like this sometime myself, it’s always good for the imagination. ^^
Thanks c: Yeah it’s a good exercise to get into, nice way of getting the brain going creatively.

- ateyourabacus replied to your photo: Ok, so here’s a bunch of stuff from a semi-serious…

FFFFF, shit they’re fantastic— I love that beastie in the first one and the whistle-creeper hanging out on the tree :D
Thanks! :D Hah, I love the first one too, whiptails are possibly my favourite critters here XD Although that’s probably just because they’re like…alien raptor-birds. Yes.

- cronasanctuary reblogged your photo: When Nairo commissioned me a few months ago for a…

Oh wow this is certainly interesting. As with all your sketches, I’d love to see it completed one day
I’m glad you like it C: I’d like to finish it as a speedpaint one day, following the same colour scheme as the finished commission…although actually KEEP it as a speedpaint this time XD Idk I’ll do something with it eventually, hopefully, but like what is priorities orz

- mister-luke reblogged your photo: I do not know why I am uploading these. (Oh also…

Because these look cool! ^o^^
Thanks XD

- ateyourabacus replied to your photo: Ok, the bottom image here was originally done for…

Aaaah, I remember this! So gorgeous!
Thanks, I’m glad you like it! C: It’s another I wanna finish some time as a full piece…haha as if that’s ever gonna happen doh.

- mister-luke reblogged your photo: Completed version: I don’t know, I still had the original…

Wow, this is really amazing. O: I didn’t know that was in your gallery, loving all the little details.
I think it was still a recent upload to dA when I added the sketch here XD Thanks, I’m glad you like it c:

- mister-luke reblogged your photo: I’m not really sure what’s happening with this…

I really like the composition and perspective here. ^^ Maybe you could contact the commissioner when you have more time for it? This would be interesting to see finished.
Thanks! I still quite like the composition and perspective too, it could be interesting to finish but I don’t know, not really wanting to do commissions any more. I prefer to work on my own art unless it’s something quick like a speedpaint >: Hah I’m so awful.

PLEASE IGNORE THE SHITTY SKETCHYNESS OF THIS. Imagine it was drawn very neat, rendered in a realistic manner, and those gears actually looked like gears and not like mutant lava flowers. Also please pretend that the glow is smooth and even because fuck you photoshop for only allowing me to save this as a .png for some reason.

So yeah, I’ve been pondering a logo/title style for my graphic novel for ages now, and then this one came into my head randomly while at work the other day. It’s ok I guess, although it gets across too much fieryness, which isn’t good. I think I’ll work upon this one some more, maybe change the colours in the background, maybe add in some dragon wings to get across the fantasy aspect, and definitely reduce the amount of “lava” making up the text. Feedback is highly welcome as THIS SHIT IS HARD OK.

Another doodle done during the writing-prompt-exercise-thing with AYA I mentioned in my previous post, the prompt here was “fall” so instead of going with the obvious I decided to sketch up some sort of fallen angel…thing.
What can I say, creepy weird deformed mutant angel designs are simply the best ever. Especially those without faces.

Despite it originally being spur-of-the-moment I still really like the design, and since its “wings” sorta match up with some stuff from Ashes of Veyis I’ve decided to include it as a concept for the graphic novel c: Not 100% sure what it is yet, but I’ve got a feeling that it has something to do with that “S.A.I.N.T.” sketch/design/picture/thing I uploaded a little while ago~

I do not know why I’m uploading these either…

(The top one was a thinggy done in a sorta miniature drawing prompt challenge thing that AYA and I did over Skype a month or two back, the second one is some surrealism thing and the third is a bunch of doodles done when bored on Livestream last year and I don know why they still exist let alone why they are now on tumblr.)

I’m not really sure what’s happening with this, it’s the sketch for a (currently unpaid) commission that’s been on hold for almost a year now, at the time I wanted to close commissions due to stuff going on and I’ve never really opened them since. I’ve no idea if the client even wants me to continue with this because I’ve not spoken to him in ages (and I still don’t know when I’ll be opening commissions again), but I figured the sketch was at least semi-decent so decided to upload it regardless. Maybe I’ll finish it after some of my current pieces are out of the way, I dunno.
The commission was going to be for Murky-depths13 of deviantART and would have been a counterpart to this piece:

FINALLY managed to upload that video.
…And it’s not even very interesting, lol.
So yeah, progress of the sketches from my previous post, as I said a video had to be provided to the judges of the competition to prove that no erasing had occurred, so this is pretty much it. My submission was the version without colour but for the sake of making the video slightly less boring I decided to keep the progress of the colour version on the end as well.
Uhm, that’s about it, I’ve no idea why I’m uploading this since I can’t imagine anyone being interested either way, derp.

Ok, the bottom image here was originally done for a sketch competition over at deviantART back in April, the theme was landscapes and the main point of the competition was to refrain from erasing anything throughout. I recorded a video of the process as proof that I stayed away from CTRL+Z (which I’ll upload in a while because I figured that if I recorded it I might as well show it, lol), and after I completed my entry I decided to add some colour and things to spice it up a little and then ended up with the top one. I sorta like em both which is why I’m needlessly spamming you with both despite you probably not even being interested. Oh yeah and that sketch of Crea’s realm that lies further down my page was my original entry to the competition but it sucked so I drew this instead literally directly after.

So yeah, of course I had to sketch something to do with Ashes of Veyis, this was really just a spur-of-the-moment idea I had for Project E.D.E.N (working title still, I’ve no idea what I want to really call it). I’ve changed some things since this sketch, mainly the outer walls of the walkways along the biomes are now transparent so you can see out at the world and even more light can be let in and stuff. Also since the biomes are so massive I figured people would need a faster mode of transportation than just walking, so next to the outer walls there would also be tracks with like these miniature tram things. I don’t really know what to call them but yeah you get the idea.

This ended up winning the competition somehow, but I never expected it to win and didn’t have time to continue the series of competitions so asked if the next one could be passed onto a runner-up, I don’t know if the competitions still continue or if I ruined it for everyone :C I’m sorry I always write too much stuff I only meant for a couple of lines of description and then this happened, oh dear.

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