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Timelapse of:
Two and a half hours was the original time (or there round about). Video is shitty, winamp pops up several times and there are a few pauses because I was talking on skype/livestream chat and couldn’t be bothered to edit them out because I’m lazy.

ateyourabacus replied to your photo: “Sketched a thinggy last night because didn’t…”


And what a fantastic thinggy it is! Aside from the fantastic posing, I really love its head’s design :D
Thankyou! I’m quite pleased with how the pose turned out, considering I was just drawing as I went along and had no clear idea for it…I’m glad you like the head too, was interesting to try something different C:

Look I scribbled some shit at work.
Top ones were done on sunday, bottom ones were done at the end of last year with the dragon’s eye being done at the beginning of this year and I dunno why I’m posting them because they’re shit and took like one minute to do lol.

Timelapse of:
Original time was 2hours 30minutes (discounting the sketch), the original sketch is further down the blog from about a month back.
Just a quick n shitty thing.

So I decided to create a derpsona for shits and giggles based on something I wrote on FA and then I ended up putting way too much thought into something that was just meant to be a joke between me and Luffsas and then these sketches happened.
Her name is Me-mo and she is a parasitic/vampiric nematode…worm…eel…thing…with prehensile chromatophoric tentacle hair, pharangeal jaws, spring-loaded teeth, sedative saliva she spits in people’s faces and throat-tentacles with anticoagulant-injecting barbs on the end. She’s a literal fatass, has no friends, and she likes icecream.

I sketched these about a month ago as I was coming up with ideas for her design, pretty much everything about her is symbolic/metaphoric in some way but no one will ever guess the meanings because they’re too convoluted so yeah, enjoy \o/

Sketched this last night, at first I thought it was gonna turn out fucked because for some reason I drew the eye first and had no clear idea for pose so yeah that’s bound to end well. Guess I got there in the end.
Still too lazy to use anatomy and/or pose references.

Creature design belongs to Luffsas.

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